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The base duration of a research action varies depending on the research type.

The research time can also be modified in various ways. The most notable one is upgrading your reduced research time stat, which will affect every action in the Research menu with the exception of Scientists travelling to and from planets. Other ways include paying Diamonds or watching ads to instantly complete one research action or completing Daily Quests and collecting Red Bacteria to reduce the remaining time for all active research actions.

Related Stats

Reduced Research Time

Reduced research time (RRT) is a bonus that can be obtained from Evolved Bacteria or Dark Matter Institute. It decreases the time that it takes to complete activities in the Research Labs. Sending and recalling Scientists in the Planetary Research is not affected by this stat.

Main page: Reduced Research Time

Modifying Research Time

Tapping Speedup

Research speedup.gif

Some research types can be sped up by tapping. As of version 1.30.1, you can tap to speed up Bacteria Evolution and Bacteria Engineering.

To speed up a research, go to the active research menu and tap on the animation at the lower part of the screen. This will reduce the remaining research time by a couple of seconds and start a cooldown. After the cooldown, it will be possible to speed up the research again and the speedup effect will be increased by 1 second. The speedup effect will be reset upon starting a new research.

Red Bacteria

One of possible Red Bacteria rewards is a reducing the remaining time for all research activities. The free reward provides a 5% reduction, which can be raised to 25% by watching a short video ad.

Main page: Red Bacteria

Rewarded Ads

The option to watch an ad to shorten the research duration appears if you press and hold on an active research action

Research ads reduce the remaining research time of a selected action by 1 hour.

Up to two ads can be watched before an 8 hour cooldown becomes active. To view the option to watch the ad, press and hold on an active research action.

Main page: Rewarded Ads

Daily Quests

There's a random chance that a Tier 3 or Tier 4 daily quest will give some reduction to active research time (5% reduction for completing a Tier 3 quest and 15% for completing Tier 4).

The reduction is applied at the moment you collect the reward.

Main page: Daily Quests

Dark Matter Institute

Dark Matter Institute offers various technologies that provide reduced research time or - in the case of Alter Intellect - speed up all active research types whenever you mutate two Evolved Bacteria.

Main page: Dark Matter Institute


Time Travel Boost

Time Travel boost allows you to fast forward all active research actions (including traveling Scientists). These boosts can be purchased by Diamonds or obtained from Bacteria Recycling

Main page: Boosts

Diamond Purchases

Diamonds can be spent to instantly complete any research action that currently is in progress. The cost depends on the remaining research time.

The cost for instantly completing nanobot production is calculated differently from other actions, but it also depends on the amount of remaining research time.

Version History

Version Changes
1.8.0 Added Alter Intellect - a Dark Matter upgrade that reduces active research time

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