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Bacteria collection shows all the Evolved Bacteria species and rarities that you have discovered. Revealing new Bacteria gives various permanent bonuses.

Once you have revealed a Bacteria in the collection, it will remain revealed that way even if you recycle or lose that Bacteria. Entering a Black Hole or destroying a planet does not reset your collection. Bacteria collection is not shared between various events and the main game.


Bacteria collection can give three types of permanent bonuses:

  1. increased attributes for one Evolved Bacteria species;
  2. increased chance to find high rarity Evolved Bacteria;
  3. increased max Evolved Bacteria mutation level.

Increased Bacteria Attributes

If you manage to reveal a full row of Evolved Bacteria, it will increase the attributes of all Evolved Bacteria from the same species (examples of species include Legionella, Salmonella, etc.).

The base effect of this bonus doubles the attributes of affected Bacteria. You can increase the effect by collecting Bacteria of higher levels. If the entire line of Bacteria is at least Level 2, then the bonus will triple the attributes of the species. This bonus can theoretically increase all attributes up to six times if you collect a line of Level 5 Bacteria.

Bacteria attribute multiplier = 1 + lowest level bacteria in the same species

Increased Bacteria Rarity

If you manage to reveal a full column of Evolved Bacteria, it will increase the chance of finding higher rarity Bacteria. For example: revealing all common Bacteria increases the chance to find rare, epic, legendary and mythical Bacteria.

Increased Mutation Level

If you manage to find all species of Mythical Bacteria, it will increase the max possible level for your Evolved Bacteria. As of version 1.23.0, this is the only way of obtaining Level 5 Evolved Bacteria.

Version History

Version Changes
1.22.0 Added to game

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