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Event is a limited duration side-game in which you enter an alternate galaxy. As you progress in the event, you earn various rewards that can later be claimed in the main game.

The difficulty and game mechanics can differ between various events and the main game.


  • Faster research time
  • Only some research types are allowed
  • Most resources are not shared between the main game and the event
  • Bacteria Recycling rewards are different
  • Nanobots are not available
  • Some microtransactions are not available
  • Research is carried out by Robots instead of Scientists
  • Destroying a planet earns you 1 Robot

Past Events

  • Treasure Galaxy (1 week)
  • Bacteria Galaxy (1 week)

Version History

Version Changes
1.20.0 • Launched the second event - Treasure Galaxy
1.18.0 • Added event system

• Launched the first event - Bacteria Galaxy