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Scientists are different from most resources, as they are returned to the player after each use. The only way to lose a Scientist is by resetting the research tree of the Dark Matter Institute (if the Doppelganger technology has been purchased).

The player starts the game with one Scientist. New Scientists can be bought for Diamonds and one additional Scientist can be earned by researching the Doppelganger technology in the Dark Matter Institute. There is no limit to how many Scientists a player can have, but each consecutive purchase of a Scientist increases its price.

Scientists are required in the Research Labs to produce resources, evolve Bacteria, irradiate Evolved Bacteria and Bacteria colonies, clean the lab after Bacteria mutation, etc. After researching the Quantum Leap technology at the Dark Matter Institute, each idle Scientist also doubles the player's BPS.

Obtaining Scientists

There are three methods to obtain new Scientists:

  • Purchasing with Diamonds - the first additional Scientist costs Diamonds.png50 and this price increases by Diamonds.png50 whenever you purchase a new Scientist or receive one from recycling an Evolved Bacteria.
  • Researching Doppelganger - this Dark Matter Institute technology grants you an additional Scientist. Unlike the other methods, this will not raise the price of purchasing new Scientists.
  • Recycling a high rarity Evolved Bacteria - when recycling a legendary Evolved Bacteria of LV III or higher, a mythical Evolved Bacteria of Level I or higher, there is a a chance of obtaining a Scientist for free.

Version History

Version Changes
1.0.0 Changed name from Laborants to Scientists

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