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Double bpc.png
The option to watch an ad for double idle production appears after opening the game

Watching in-game ads is a way of obtaining additional Diamonds or other bonuses.

There are several types of rewards, which can also be claimed without watching the ads if you have the monthly subscription.


Most reward types have a cooldown before they can be claimed again. This cooldown is not shared across various types.

In the case of research ads, the cooldown becomes active after watching a second ad.

Type Effect Cooldown
Boost Doubles your BPS or BPC for 2 hours none
Diamond Gives you Diamonds.png5 8 hours
Red Bacteria Improves current the Red Bacteria reward 1 hour
Idle production Doubles the amount of Bacteria that were produced while the game was closed 1 minute
Research Speeds up an active research by 1 hour 8 hours


Ad icon.png

This ad type becomes available after reaching the third planet (Earth).

It is accessible by tapping on the blue play icon in the main game screen.

You can chose to have one or both of the possible boosts active at the same time:

Watching one ad can grant one of the chosen boosts for the duration of 2 hours. This can be stacked up to 10 hours.


Regular Diamond ads are accessible from the Premium menu.

They always give Diamonds.png 5 as a reward and have an 8 hour long cooldown that is not shared with other ad types.

Red Bacteria

Regardless of the reward offered by the Red Bacteria, it is possible to increase it by watching a short video ad.

After the watching the ad, there is a cooldown of approximately 1 hour, where Red Bacteria ads are not available and it's possible to select only the free reward. The cooldown for Red Bacteria ads is in no way related to cooldown for other ad types.

If you have anthe ad-free version, then you can receive the better reward without watching ads.

Reward Spawn chance Free reward Ad reward
Free Bacteria ~26.25% Current BPS × 100-200 Current BPS × 1 000-2 000
Increased BPS ~21% Current BPS × 15 for 15 seconds Current BPS × 150 for 15 seconds
Increased BPC ~21% Current BPC × 15 for 15 seconds Current BPC × 150 for 15 seconds
Free Diamonds ~10.5% Diamonds.png1 Diamonds.png5
Reduce research time ~21%* Reduce all active research time by 5% Reduce all active research time by 25%

* - If you do not have any research in progress, then no Red Bacteria will spawn with a reduced research time reward.

Main page: Red Bacteria


The option to watch an ad to shorten the research duration appears if you press and hold on an active research action

Research ads reduce the remaining research time of a selected action by 1 hour.

Up to two ads can be watched before an 8 hour cooldown becomes active. To view the option to watch the ad, press and hold on an active research action.

Idle Production

When entering the game, you may be offered to watch an ad to double the amount of Bacteria that were produced while you were away. This type of rewarded ad is available if at least a minute has passed since the last time when the game was opened.

Version History

Version Changes
1.9.0 Removed cooldown for watching ads that double BPS and BPC, you can have both effects active at the same time.
1.3.0 Added rewarded ads for doubling idle production and shortening research time by 1 hour.

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