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Diamonds can be used to purchase otherwise unobtainable goods and bonuses or to speed up research time.

Most Diamond purchases are available in the premium panel and provide permanent power-ups.

Similarly to Dark Matter, Diamonds are never reset when attacking planets or entering a Black Hole.

Obtaining Diamonds

There are several ways how to obtain Diamonds. The most straightforward is to simply purchase a Diamond Pack.

However, it is also possible to obtain Diamonds by simply progressing through the game or from daily logins.

Other ways of obtaining Diamonds for free include participating in events or watching ads.


Buying Diamonds via microtransactions requires an active internet connection.

Icon Pack Reward Price
A tiny pack.png A tiny pack Diamonds.png60 €1.99
A small pack.png A small pack Diamonds.png175 €4.89
A medium pack.png A medium pack Diamonds.png400 €10.99
A large pack.png A large pack Diamonds.png1000 €21.99
A huge pack.png A huge pack Diamonds.png3000 €47.99

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Daily Login Rewards

When opening the game for the first time in a 24 hour period, you receive a small reward that may include Diamonds or other Resources.

There is a different reward for each day, but failing to log in for 24 hours or longer does not reset the reward streak. Instead, you receive the next reward just as you would when logging in the next day.

The rewards for the the first 14 days, as well as for days 15-28 and 29-42 are predetermined. Afterwards, they start looping in an endless cycle.

Main page: Daily Login Rewards


By watching a 30 second long ad, the player can earn Diamonds.png3. These ads have an 8 hour long cooldown.

Ads that boost current BPS and BPC have a shorter cooldown.

Watching an ad from a Red Bacteria does not affect the regular ad cooldown.

Main page: Ads


  • From 5th September to 17th September 2017 it was possible to earn up to Diamonds.png500 from participating in an event announced on the game's facebook page
  • At Christmas 2017, there was a limited duration pack available for purchase, which included Diamonds.png500 and other items


Some in-game actions give Diamonds as a reward:

Diamond Purchases

Diamonds can be primarily spent in the Premium panel and in the Research Lab.

The Premium panel includes some unique permanent bonuses, but in the Research Lab the player can reduce the time necessary to produce resources or conduct other activities.


Bonus Effect Base cost Multiple purchases Cost increase
Extra Scientist.png Extra Scientist Get an extra Scientist Diamonds.png50 Yes Diamonds.png50
Opportunist.png Opportunist x3 BPS Diamonds.png90 Yes Diamonds.png0
Tactical Advantage.png Tactical Advantage Increase BPS X times Diamonds.png175 Yes Diamonds.png0-1700
Increased BPS Forever.png Increased BPS Forever Increase current BPS by 10% forever Diamonds.png5 Yes Diamonds.png1
Bacteria Cannon.png Bacteria Cannon Increase BPC +50, BPC x5. Remains after planet attacks Diamonds.png50 No Diamonds.png0

Research Labs

Completing Research

Diamonds can be spent to instantly complete any research action that currently is in progress. The cost depends on the remaining research time.

The cost for instantly completing nanobot production is calculated differently from other actions, but it also depends on the amount of remaining research time.

Bacteria Mutations

By spending some Diamonds, it is also possible to reveal the result of Bacteria Mutation.

The cost depends on the level of Evolved Bacteria that are being mutated:

Mutation Level Cost
from 1 to 2 Diamonds.png15
from 2 to 3 Diamonds.png30
from 3 to 4 Diamonds.png45
from 4 to 5 Diamonds.png60

Main page: Bacteria Mutations

Bacteria Recycling

When recycling an Evolved Bacteria, it is possible to receive up to 1 additional reward by paying Diamonds.png5.

The price for receiving an additional reward does not change.

Main page: Bacteria Recycling

Dark Matter Institute

Diamonds can be used to reset one tech tree at the Dark Matter Institute.

Reset costs Diamonds.png10.

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