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Dark Matter is used to research technologies in the Dark Matter Institute. Unlike Bacteria and Gene Strands, it is not lost when attacking planets or travelling through a Black Hole.

Dark Matter is mainly earned from trips through the Black Hole. The amount earned depends on the number of unspent Gene Strands.

Earning Dark Matter

From Black Hole

When entering a Black Hole, all Gene Strands are lost and converted to Dark Matter.

The amount of Dark Matter earned increases at a logarithmic rate, which means that it does not increase as quickly as the amount of Gene Strands that are being converted into Dark Matter. This amount increases at an even slower rate as you enter more Black Holes.

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From Bacteria Recycling

When recycling Evolved Bacteria, there is a chance to obtain 4-48 Dark Matter. The exact amount depends on luck and the Bacteria Value Coefficient (BVC) of the recycled Bacteria.

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