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=Related Pages=
=Related Pages=
=Version History=
=Version History=

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Boosts are consumable items that you can use to provide temporary bonuses, such as increased BPS or BPC.

Upon starting the game, you get a couple of free BPS and BPC boosts. Additional boosts can be earned from various sources that include recycling, daily login and ad rewards.

Your boosts are stored in inventory which can be accessed from the main screen. Boosts which have been obtained from watching ads are used immediately and cannot be stockpiled in your inventory.


Type Possible Effect

Bps boost.png

x2 BPS for X minutes

x5 BPS for X minutes

x10 BPS for X minutes

x50 BPS for X minutes

x250 BPS for X minutes

x1000 BPS for X minutes

Bpc boost.png

x2 BPC for X minutes

x5 BPC for X minutes

x10 BPC for X minutes

x50 BPC for X minutes

x250 BPC for X minutes

x1000 BPC for X minutes

Time travel boost.png
Time travel

Speeds up all research by X hours and gives X hours' worth of Bacteria.


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Version History

Version Changes
1.14.0 Introduced to game