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After the player has destroyed a certain number of planets, it becomes possible to enter a Black Hole.

Doing so resets most of the upgrades and resources, but earns the player Dark Matter and can unlock additional features, such as the Dark Matter Institute, where new technologies can be researched.

Black Hole Formation

It takes 25 planets for a Black Hole to finish forming the first time. This number is increased by 2 planets for each Black Hole the player has entered previously.

It becomes possible to enter a Black Hole when its formation has reached 100%. This percentage cannot be exceeded and will remain the same even if the player keeps destroying new planets without entering the Black Hole.

Black Hole Reset

Entering a Black Hole resets:

Black Hole does not reset:

Resources that will be lost:

  • Bacteria
  • Nanobots
  • Gene Strands
  • Bacteria colonies
  • Most of the Evolved and Mutated Bacteria

Resources that won't be lost:

Evolved Bacteria have a default 10% chance to survive a Black Hole. This can be increased through Bacteria Irradiation. Before entering a Black Hole, the player will also be prompted to secure up to two Evolved Bacteria that will definitely survive.


Entering a Black Hole will grant Dark Matter, which can be spent in the Dark Matter Institute.

The amount of Dark Matter depends on how many Gene Strands a player has.

Dark matter formula 1.3.0.png

It makes no difference whether the particular Gene Strand has been obtained from the Evolved Bacteria effect or it is obtained as a base drop from killed planet population. However, Gene Strands that have been spent on upgrades do not count towards how much Dark Matter is earned.

A player who has reached planet 25 can receive approximately 390 units of Dark Matter. If the player has used Evolved Bacteria that grants more Gene Strands, this number can potentially be bigger.

New Features

Entering a Black Hole unlocks:

Entering a Black Hole also changes parts of planet descriptions.


Initially, the Dark Matter drops were limited to 800 units when entering a Black Hole for the first time. This limit was removed at a later version.