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Icon Name Effect Prerequisite Price (Bacteria) +BPS/+BPC Iterative
Petri dish upgrade.png New Petri dish model 1 Petri dish production +100% x10 Petri dishes Bacteria.png460 BPS no
New Petri dish model 2 x25 Petri dishes Bacteria.png1 268
New Petri dish model 3 x50 Petri dishes Bacteria.png6 882
New Petri dish model 4 Petri dish production +150% x75 Petri dishes Bacteria.png37 354
Petri empowered taps Adds some Bacteria from BPS to BPC x100 Petri dishes Bacteria.png202 737 BPC
New Petri dish model 5 Petri dish production +150% x125 Petri dishes Bacteria.png1.06E+06 BPS
Petri dish innovation 1 Petri dish production +200% x150 Petri dishes Bacteria.png9.67E+06
Petri dish innovation 2 x175 Petri dishes Bacteria.png9.14E+07
Petri dish improvement Petri dish production +200% x200 Petri dishes Bacteria.png100 yes
Putrid Petri dish Petri dish production +500000% x1000 Petri dishes Bacteria.png100
Flask upgrade.png New flask model 1 Flask production +100% x10 germ flasks Bacteria.png4.60E+03 BPS no
New flask model 2 x25 germ flasks Bacteria.png1.27E+04
New flask model 3 x50 germ flasks Bacteria.png6.88E+04
New flask model 4 Flask production +150% x75 germ flasks Bacteria.png3.74E+05
Flask empowered Bacteria gun Adds some Bacteria from BPS to BPC x100 germ flasks Bacteria.png2.03E+06 BPC
New flask model 6 Flask production +150% x125 germ flasks Bacteria.png1.10E+07 BPS
Custom flask design A Flask production +200% x150 germ flasks Bacteria.png9.50E+07
Custom flask design B x175 germ flasks Bacteria.png8.90E+08
Flask improvement Flask production +200% x200 germ flasks Bacteria.png100 yes
Superior Germ flask Flask production +500000% x200 germ flasks Bacteria.png100
Rotting fish upgrade.png New Fish model 1 Fish production +100% x10 rotting fish Bacteria.png4.14E+04 BPS no
New Fish model 2 x25 rotting fish Bacteria.png1.14E+05
New Fish model 3 x50 rotting fish Bacteria.png6.19E+05
New Fish model 4 Fish production +150% x75 rotting fish Bacteria.png3.36E+06
New Fish model 5 x100 rotting fish Bacteria.png2.36E+07
New Fish model 6 x125 rotting fish Bacteria.png1.28E+08
New Fish model 7 x150 rotting fish Bacteria.png9.28E+08
New Fish model 8 x175 rotting fish Bacteria.png8.23E+09
Fish improvement Fish production +200% x200 rotting fish Bacteria.png100 yes
Rotting Whale Fish production +500000% x1000 rotting fish Bacteria.png100
Trash Bin volume.png New trash bin model 1 Trash bin production +100% x10 trash bins Bacteria.png5.79E+05 BPS no
New trash bin model 2 x25 trash bins Bacteria.png1.60E+06
New trash bin model 3 x50 trash bins Bacteria.png8.67E+06
Trash based technology upgrade All BPS +25% x75 trash bins Bacteria.png4.71E+07
Trash based Bacteria gun upgrade Adds some Bacteria from BPS to BPC x100 trash bins Bacteria.png2.55E+08 BPC
New garbage bags 1 Trash bin production +200% x125 trash bins Bacteria.png1.8E+09 BPS
New garbage bags 2 x150 trash bins Bacteria.png1.2E+10
New garbage bags 3 x175 trash bins Bacteria.png9.9E+10
Trash bin improvement Trash bin production +200% x200 trash bins Bacteria.png100 yes
Industrial Waste Trash bin production +500000% x1000 trash bins Bacteria.png100
Compost heap upgrade.png Compost technology upgrade 1 All BPS +20% x10 compost heaps Bacteria.png1.22E+07 BPS no
Compost technology upgrade 2 x25 compost heaps Bacteria.png3.36E+07
Compost technology upgrade 3 x50 compost heaps Bacteria.png1.82E+08
Compost technology upgrade 4 x75 compost heaps Bacteria.png9.88E+08
Compost based gun upgrade Adds some Bacteria from BPS to BPC x100 compost heaps Bacteria.png5.36E+09 BPC
Exotic components 1 Compost production +250% x125 compost heaps Bacteria.png5.02E+10 BPS
Exotic components 2 x150 compost heaps Bacteria.png4.82E+10
Exotic components 3 x175 compost heaps Bacteria.png4.63E+11
Compost improvement Compost production +200% x200 compost heaps Bacteria.png100 yes
Compost Mountain Compost production +500000% x1000 compost heaps Bacteria.png100
Incubator upgrade.png Incubator upgrade 1 Incubator production +100% x10 incubators Bacteria.png3.89E+08 BPS no
Incubator upgrade 2 x25 incubators Bacteria.png1.07E+09
Incubator upgrade 3 x50 incubators Bacteria.png5.83E+09
Incubator upgrade 4 Incubator production +150% x75 incubators Bacteria.png3.16E+10
Incubator upgrade 5 x100 incubators Bacteria.png1.13E+11
New incubator model 1 Incubator production +100% x125 incubators Bacteria.png1.01E+12
New incubator model 2 x150 incubators Bacteria.png9.51E+12
New incubator model 3 x175 incubators Bacteria.png9.22E+13
Incubator improvement Incubator production +200% x200 incubators Bacteria.png100 yes
Incubation Pod Incubator production +500000% x1000 incubators Bacteria.png100
Farm upgrade.png Farm upgrade 1 Farm production +100% x10 farms Bacteria.png1.87E+10 BPS no
Farm upgrade 2 x25 farms Bacteria.png5.15E+10
Farm upgrade 3 x50 farms Bacteria.png2.80E+11
Farm upgrade 4 x75 farms Bacteria.png1.52E+12
Farm based technology upgrade All BPS +25% x100 farms Bacteria.png8.24E+12
Farm automation 1 Farm production +200% x125 farms Bacteria.png8.01E+13
Farm automation 2 x150 farms Bacteria.png7.81E+14
Farm automation 3 x175 farms Bacteria.png7.91E+15
Farm improvement Farm production +200% x200 farms Bacteria.png100 yes
Vertical Farming Farm production +500000% x1000 farms Bacteria.png100
Laboratory upgrade.png Laboratory upgrade 1 Laboratory production +100% x10 laboratories Bacteria.png1.34E+12 BPS no
Laboratory upgrade 2 x25 laboratories Bacteria.png3.71E+12
Laboratory upgrade 3 x50 laboratories Bacteria.png2.01E+13
Laboratory upgrade 4 Laboratory production +150% x75 laboratories Bacteria.png1.09E+14
Laboratory upgrade 5 Laboratory production +400% x100 laboratories Bacteria.png8.26E+14
New lab equipment 1 Laboratory production +100% x125 laboratories Bacteria.png7.91E+15
New lab equipment 2 x150 laboratories Bacteria.png8.15E+16
New lab equipment 3 x175 laboratories Bacteria.png8.66E+17
Laboratory improvement Laboratory production +200% x200 laboratories Bacteria.png100 yes
Secret Laboratory Laboratory production +500000% x1000 laboratories Bacteria.png100
Factory upgrade.png Factory upgrade 1 Factory production +100% x10 factories Bacteria.png1.45E+14 BPS no
Factory upgrade 2 x25 factories Bacteria.png4.01E+14
Factory upgrade 3 x50 factories Bacteria.png2.18E+15
Factory upgrade 4 Factory production +150% x75 factories Bacteria.png1.18E+16
Factory upgrade 5 Factory production +400% x100 factories Bacteria.png3.78E+17
New Factory workers 1 Factory production +100% x125 factories Bacteria.png3.97E+18
New Factory workers 2 x150 factories Bacteria.png4.07E+19
New Factory workers 3 x175 factories Bacteria.png4.21E+20
Factory improvement Factory production +200% x200 factories Bacteria.png100 yes
Factory Complex Factory production +500000% x1000 factories Bacteria.png100
Sewage network upgrade.png Sewage upgrade 1 Sewage production +100% x10 sewage networks Bacteria.png2.35E+16 BPS no
Sewage upgrade 2 x25 sewage networks Bacteria.png6.49E+16
Sewage upgrade 3 x50 sewage networks Bacteria.png3.52E+17
Sewage upgrade 4 Sewage production +150% x75 sewage networks Bacteria.png1.91E+18
Sewage upgrade 5 Sewage production +400% x100 sewage networks Bacteria.png9.21E+18
Sewage upgrade 6 Sewage production +150% x125 sewage networks Bacteria.png9.21E+19
Sewage upgrade 7 Sewage production +150% x150 sewage networks Bacteria.png9.21E+20
New Sewage lines Sewage production +400% x175 sewage networks Bacteria.png9.91E+21
Sewage improvement Sewage production +200% x200 sewage networks Bacteria.png100 yes
Interplanetary Sewage Sewage production +500000% x1000 sewage networks Bacteria.png100
Nuclear reactor upgrade.png Reactor upgrade 1 Reactor production +100% x10 nuclear reactors Bacteria.png5.72E+18 BPS no
Reactor upgrade 2 x25 nuclear reactors Bacteria.png1.58E+19
Reactor upgrade 3 x50 nuclear reactors Bacteria.png8.56E+19
Reactor upgrade 4 Reactor production +150% x75 nuclear reactors Bacteria.png4.65E+20
Radioactive gun upgrade Adds some Bacteria from BPS to BPC x100 nuclear reactors Bacteria.png2.52E+21 BPC
Reactor upgrade 5 Reactor production +150% x125 nuclear reactors Bacteria.png3.65E+22 BPS
Reactor upgrade 6 x150 nuclear reactors Bacteria.png4.65E+23
Reactor upgrade 7 x175 nuclear reactors Bacteria.png5.65E+23
Reactor improvement Reactor production +200% X200 nuclear reactors Bacteria.png100 yes
Nuclear Moon Reactor production +500000% X200 nuclear reactors Bacteria.png100
Area 52 upgrade.png Area 52 upgrade 1 All BPS +25% x10 Area 52 Bacteria.png2.09E+21 BPS no
Area 52 upgrade 2 x25 Area 52 Bacteria.png5.76E+21
Area 52 upgrade 3 x50 Area 52 Bacteria.png3.13E+22
Area 52 upgrade 4 x75 Area 52 Bacteria.png1.70E+23
Area 52 upgrade 5 All BPS +50% X100 Area 52 Bacteria.png9.21E+23
Area 52 upgrade 6 Area 52 production +10000% X125 Area 52 Bacteria.png5.41E+23
Experimental gun technologies Adds some Bacteria from BPS to BPC x125 Area 52 Bacteria.png5.00E+24 BPC
Order 66-1 All BPS +25% x150 Area 52 Bacteria.png9.21E+25 BPS
Order 66-2 x175 Area 52 Bacteria.png1.21E+27
Area 52 improvement Area 52 production +200% X200 Area 52 Bacteria.png100 yes
Area 52 MEGA boost Area 52 production +500000% X1000 Area 52 Bacteria.png100
Space station upgrade.png Space network All BPS +25% x10 space stations Bacteria.png1.14E+24 BPS no
Space station upgrade 2 Space station production +100% x25 space stations Bacteria.png3.16E+24
Space station upgrade 3 x50 space stations Bacteria.png1.71E+25
Space station upgrade 4 Space station production +150% x75 space stations Bacteria.png9.30E+25
Space gun technologies Adds some Bacteria from BPS to BPC x100 space stations Bacteria.png5.05E+26 BPC
Space station upgrade 5 Space station production +300% x125 space stations Bacteria.png8.31E+27 BPS
Space station upgrade 6 Space station production +500% x150 space stations Bacteria.png6.20E+29
Space station upgrade 7 Space station production +300% x175 space stations Bacteria.png2.30E+31
Space station improvement Space station production +200% x200 space stations Bacteria.png100 yes
Space Fleet Space station production +500000% x1000 space stations Bacteria.png100
Asteroid upgrade.png Asteroid upgrade 1 Asteroid production +100% x10 industrialized asteroids Bacteria.png9.40E+26 BPS no
Asteroid upgrade 2 x25 industrialized asteroids Bacteria.png2.59E+27
Asteroid upgrade 3 x50 industrialized asteroids Bacteria.png1.41E+28
Asteroid upgrade 4 Asteroid production +150% x75 industrialized asteroids Bacteria.png7.64E+28
Asteroid based gun upgrade Adds some Bacteria from BPS to BPC x100 industrialized asteroids Bacteria.png4.15E+29 BPC
Asteroid upgrade 5 Asteroid production +1250% x125 industrialized asteroids Bacteria.png7.64E+29 BPS
Artificial atmosphere Asteroid production +150% x150 industrialized asteroids Bacteria.png8.64E+30
Asteroid upgrade 6 x175 industrialized asteroids Bacteria.png7.64E+30
Asteroid improvement Asteroid production +200% x200 industrialized asteroids Bacteria.png100 yes
Asteroid Belt Asteroid production +500000% x1000 industrialized asteroids Bacteria.png100
Artificial planet upgrade.png Planet upgrade 1 Planet production +100% x10 artificial planets Bacteria.png1.16E+30 BPS no
Planet upgrade 2 x25 artificial planets Bacteria.png3.20E+30
Planet upgrade 3 x50 artificial planets Bacteria.png1.74E+31
Planet upgrade 4 Planet production +150% x75 artificial planets Bacteria.png9.42E+31
Planet upgrade 5 x100 artificial planets Bacteria.png5.11E+32
Planet upgrade 6 Planet production +1500% x125 artificial planets Bacteria.png6.11E+33
Planet based gun technologies Adds some Bacteria from BPS to BPC x150 artificial planets Bacteria.png2.78E+33 BPC
Planet upgrade 7 Planet production +1500% x175 artificial planets Bacteria.png6.11E+35 BPS
Planet improvement Planet production +200% x200 artificial planets Bacteria.png100 yes
Artificial Star System Planet production +500000% x1000 artificial planets Bacteria.png100