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Icon Name Amount Time Scientists
Just a few.png Just a few Nanobot.png100 01:00:00 Scientist.png1
Some amount.png Some amount Nanobot.png300 05:00:00 Scientist.png1
Fair enough.png Fair enough Nanobot.png500 12:00:00 Scientist.png1
A pile of nanobots.png A pile of nanobots Nanobot.png800 24:00:00 Scientist.png1
Fast boost.png Fast boost Nanobot.png175 01:00:00 Scientist.png2
AI update.png AI update Nanobot.png1000 07:00:00 Scientist.png3
The world is not enough.png The world is not enough Nanobot.png2000 24:00:00 Scientist.png5