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Nanobots are a resource that is unlocked after destroying the fifth planet.

The primary use of Nanobots is to kill the last percentage of a planet's population, which is usually harder to infect by using only Bacteria. Unlike in the case of Bacteria, attacking a planet with Nanobots causes to use up only those Nanobots that were necessary to destroy the planet. Similarly to Gene Strands and Bacteria, all Nanobots are lost when entering a Black Hole.

Nanobot Production is unlocked after destroying the fifth planet. Nanobots can be produced by Scientists.

After researching Quantum Robotics at the Dark Matter Institute, the player has a 0.1% chance to produce a Nanobot on tap. Dark Matter Institute also has several technologies that increase Nanobot strength by 25%.

After Atreria, all planets have Nanobot resistance, which reduces Nanobot strength. Nanobot strength is not influenced by added infectivity bonus.

Attacking Planets

The percentage of population destroyed by Nanobots is calculated according to the formula

Nanobot formula.png


  • Population Destroyed - how many percent of the initial planet population will be destroyed by Nanobots in the current attack. This is limited to 40% of the initial population, so it's impossible to completely destroy a planet only with Nanobots in the first attack.
  • Nanobot Count - the current number of Nanobots owned by the player.
  • Nanobot Resistance Coefficient - a number that is determined by the Nanobot resistance of the current planet.
  • Nanobot Strength - a multiplier that is set at 1 by default and is multiplied by any increases to Nanobot strength, such as Planetary Research discoveries and Dark Matter Institute technologies.


The effectiveness of Nanobots in planet attacks is influenced by two modifiers: Nanobot strength and Nanobot resistance coefficient.

It, however, is not influenced by player's infectivity and planetary shields.

Nanobot Resistance Coefficient

Nanobot resistance coefficient is determined from the Nanobot resistance of the current planet.

Planet Number Nanobot Resistance Nanobot Resistance Coefficient
1-7 none 2
8-11 basic 1.5
12-16 low 1
17-22 medium 0.5
23-29 high 0.2
30-37 advanced 0.1
38-46 exceptional 0.07
47-59 extreme 0.04
60+ perfect 0.01

Nanobot Production

a yellow Nanobot on the main screen

Only one Nanobot production type can be active at a time.

It's possible to instantly complete an active Nanobot production by paying some Diamonds.

The newly produced Nanobots appear on the main screen in real time. By clicking on a Nanobot, you gain an extra Nanobot for free, which is displayed as the Nanobot splitting into two yellow Nanobots.

The yellow Nanobots cannot be split any further.

Icon Name Amount Time Scientists
Just a few.png Just a few Nanobot.png100 01:00:00 Scientist.png1
Some amount.png Some amount Nanobot.png300 05:00:00 Scientist.png1
Fair enough.png Fair enough Nanobot.png500 12:00:00 Scientist.png1
A pile of nanobots.png A pile of nanobots Nanobot.png800 24:00:00 Scientist.png1
Fast boost.png Fast boost Nanobot.png175 01:00:00 Scientist.png2
AI update.png AI update Nanobot.png1000 07:00:00 Scientist.png3
The world is not enough.png The world is not enough Nanobot.png2000 24:00:00 Scientist.png5

Unlock Requirement

Yellow Nanobots

Yellow nanobot.png

Yellow or gold Nanobots are in every way identical to regular Nanobots with the exception that the yellow Nanobots cannot be split into two.

Yellow Nanobots are obtained from splitting regular Nanobots. Nanobots can be split by tapping on them in the main screen. Doing so does not reset the idle BPS bonus.

Version History

Version Changes
1.15.0 Unlocking Nanobot production now costs Bacteria.