Disease Carriers

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Disease Carriers
Disease Carriers.png
Tech tree Production
Effect 50% increased BPS
per each Scientist on planet
Price Dark matter.png 1475
Prerequisite Procreative Overdrive

Breeding Grounds

Disease Carriers is a technology available at the Production tech tree of the Dark Matter Institute.

With Disease Carriers, each Scientist that currently is on planet will increase your BPS by 50%.


The bonus will be active regardless of whether the Scientists on planet are currently conducting Planetary Research or are idle. However, Scientists provide no BPS bonus if they are travelling to planets or returning.

A Scientist that is on a planet, but is not conducting research does not count as available, so it is not possible to have a Scientist with Disease Carriers and Quantum Leap both active at the same time.


This BPS bonus is multiplicative.

If you have a base BPS of 100 and all of your Scientists are on a planet, then total BPS:

100 × 1.52 = 225 if you have Scientist.png2

100 × 1.53 = 337.5 if you have Scientist.png3

Version History

Version Changes
[[Version 1.4.0| 1.4.0]] Introduced to the game

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