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Colony irradiation is unlocked after destroying Earth.

Successful irradiation doubles the production of a random colony. Unsuccessful irradiation yields some Bacteria. One colony can be irradiated multiple times.

It is only possible to irradiate colonies that you have purchased at least once before. If every colony has been purchased at least once, then each colony has the same probability of being irradiated. Irradiation is capped to 400 for each colony.

The irradiation effect is not lost when entering a Black Hole or attacking a planet.

Only one irradiation type can be researched at a time.

Unlock Requirements

Irradiation Effect

Each successful irradiation doubles the production of a random colony.

The effect of colony irradiation is exponential, which means that it can grow very quickly.

For example, a colony with a Level 2 irradiation will have a BPS multiplier of 4, but a Level 5 irradiation will have a multiplier of 32.

Unsuccessful Irradiation

If the irradiation process is unsuccessful, the player will get some free bacteria instead.

The amount earned is determined by the formula:

BPS × RandomMultiplier × ResearchDurationInSeconds


RandomMultiplier - a random number between 0.05 and 0.2

Irradiation Types

Research type Success rate Duration Scientists
Acute exposure.png Acute exposure 10% 01:00:00 Scientist.png1
Fractionated exposure.png Fractionated exposure 30% 06:00:00 Scientist.png1
Chronic exposure.png Chronic exposure 50% 12:00:00 Scientist.png1
Cosmic radiation.png Cosmic radiation 75% 24:00:00 Scientist.png1
Multiatom radiation.png Multiatom radiation 100% 24:00:00 Scientist.png2
Gamma radiation.png Gamma radiation 70% 08:00:00 Scientist.png3
Hawking radiation.png Hawking radiation 100% 06:00:00 Scientist.png5

Version History

Version Changes
1.15.0 Unlocking this research now also costs Bacteria
1.6.0 Fixed bug where Gamma radiation and Hawking radiation sometimes are not displayed.
1.5.1 Added 2 new irradiation options - Gamma radiation and Hawking radiation.

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