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"The tectonic plates of this planet have made huge gaps over time revealing the asthenospheric mantle. Definitely a challenging planet."

Planet number 20
Population 1.87E+84
Gene Strands Gene strand.png6.72E+09
Nanobot Resistance medium
Planetary Weakness ???
Shield Level 1

Tesmielara is the 19th planet after Mars and the first planet that has anti-bacterial shields.

When Tesmielara is reached for the first time, a message appears on the screen, suggesting that the planet may have once been subjected to orbital bombardment.


Image Name Effect Base Drop Chance
Vanadinite.png Vanadinite

+100% BPS


New Features

Tesmielara is the first planet with anti-bacterial shields. Destroying Tesmielara alsp unlocks:

Gene Strand Upgrades



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Next Planet

Planet List (1-34)

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