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Quest Difficulty Tier
Quest tier 1.png Quest tier 2.png Quest tier 3.png Quest tier 4.png
Tap x50 x150 x250 x750
Get Critical Bacteria Critical.png5 Critical.png20 Critical.png40 Critical.png70
Capture Red Bacteria Red.png1 Red.png2 Red.png3 Red.png5
Buy any colony Petri.png50 Petri.png100 Petri.png500 Petri.png2500
Buy Bacteria upgrades x10 x25 x50 x100
Attack a planet x2 x3 x5 x10
Produce Nanobots Nanobot.png10 Nanobot.png50 Nanobot.png100 Nanobot.png200
Use Diamonds Diamonds.png2 Diamonds.png3 Diamonds.png5 Diamonds.png10
Recycle Evolved Bacteria Serratia.png1 Serratia.png2 Serratia.png3 Serratia.png4
Complete Bacteria Engineering - - x1 x2
Send Scientist(s) to a planet - Scientist.png1 Scientist.png2 Scientist.png3
Complete any research x1 x2 x3 x4
Use a Boost x1 x2 x3 x4
Mutate Evolved Bacteria - - x1 x2
Tap on red Nanobots Nanobot.png3 Nanobot.png5 Nanobot.png7 Nanobot.png10
Speed up any research x1 x2 x3 x5