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==Gene Stand Upgrades==
Destroying Qutriynides unlocks
::{{*}} [[Andromeda strain]]

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"There are rumours that the headquarters of a clan of cyborg assassins is located on Qutriynides. We would be well advised to exercise caution."

Planet number 31
Population 6.39E+125
Gene Strands Gene strand.png9.56E+13
Nanobot Resistance high
Shield Level 12

Qutriynides is the 31st planet in the game.

Until version v1.2.1, the name of this planet was misspelled in the the game description and wiki as Quatriynides.


Image Name Effect Base Drop Chance
Wulfenite.png Wulfenite

+50% BPC


Gene Stand Upgrades

Destroying Qutriynides unlocks

Andromeda strain



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