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The main goal in Bacterial Takeover is to destroy as many planets as possible.

Attacking a planet uses up all bacteria, Colonies, and nanobots and resets bacteria upgrades. Destroying planets unlocks new upgrades and features, such as colony irradiation or nanobot production.

A planet counts as destroyed if its remaining population has been reduced to 0. Killing a percentage of a planet's population earns gene strands and there is no limit to how many times the player can attack one planet to destroy it.

However, it's not possible to attack a planet if the player cannot gain even one gene strand or if he has less than 1 bacteria.

Each subsequent planet increases in population and defenses.

There is no known limit to how many planets there are in the game.



Currently, there are two types of planet defenses: nanobot resistance and antibacterial shields.

Nanobot Resistance

Nanobot resistance reduces the effectiveness of nanobots. There are 4 tiers of nanobot resistance: none, low, medium, high.

Planet Number Nanobot Resistance
1-7 none
8-9 low
10-20 medium
21+ high