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The yellow bacteria indicate that the idle BPS bonus is active

Some modifiers provide a boost to idle Bacteria production.

Idle BPS bonus becomes active if the player hasn't tapped on the main screen for over a minute.

It is indicated by the Bacteria changing color to orange. Pressing on any of the menu buttons or the Red Bacteria, or a Nanobot does not break the idle BPS bonus.

Idle BPS bonus can be obtained and increased from Gene Strand upgrades and Evolved Bacteria.

It can also be boosted with the Dark Frequencies technology in the Dark Matter Institute.


While active, idle bonus multiplies the effective BPS.



  • Base BPS: 80
  • Bonuses from Evolved Bacteria: +100% BPS and +200% idle BPS
  • No other upgrades or bonuses are active

Final BPS calculation

  1. Increase base BPS by 100%. Result: 160 BPS
  2. Increase result from Step 1 by 200%. Result: 480 BPS
  3. Final result: 500% increase from base BPS from both bonuses

Version History

Version Changes
1.6.2 The total idle BPS effect from Gene Strand upgrades is now multiplied with the idle BPS effect of Evolved Bacteria

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