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Common grimmontella.png

Evolved Bacteria can be discovered through Bacteria Evolution at the Research Lab.

A player can equip up to 3 evolved bacteria at one time, but there are no limitations as to how many evolved bacteria can be owned.

The evolved bacteria that are equipped provide bonuses to production, increased critical strike chance and multiplier, reduced research time, and other positive effects.

When entering a Black Hole, there is a default 90% possibility that an evolved bacteria will die. Before entering, the player can secure two bacteria that will definitely survive.

When the player destroys the fifth planet after the first Black Hole, Bacteria Irradiation is unlocked. It is accessible from the Research Lab and can increase the black hole survivability of an evolved bacteria.

Evolved bacteria can be leveled up through mutation at the Research Lab.


Each equipped bacteria can boost 1-5 stats.

Higher level and higher rarity bacteria are always stronger, but same level and rarity bacteria aren't always equally powerful.

The number of stats that a bacteria can have depends on its rarity, but not on the level:

Rarity Number of stats
Common 1-2
Rare 2
Epic 2-3
Legendary 3
Mythical 4-5

Possible stats include:

  • BPS +X%
  • BPC +X%
  • More gene strands +X%
  • Idle BPS +X%
  • Reduced colonies price X%
  • Reduced upgrades price X%
  • Critical effect +X%
  • Critical chance +X%
  • Infectivity +X%
  • Reduced research time X%


Level 1 evolved bacteria can be discovered through Bacteria Evolution at the Research Lab.

Bacteria droprates differ depending on their rarity:

Rarity Drop Chance
Common 60.32%
Rare 27.85%
Epic 9.28%
Legendary 2.32%
Mythical 0.23%


Higher level evolved bacteria can be obtained through mutation at the Research Lab. Bacteria mutation is unlocked after the fourth planet.

Mutation requires two bacteria of equal level and gives one bacteria of a higher level as a reward. The rarity of the mutated bacteria is the same as the rarity of the used bacteria. If they are of different rarities, the mutated bacteria will have a random rarity in the same range, so it is not possible to obtain a higher rarity bacteria through mutation.

The default mutation cap is Level 3, which can be raised to Level 4 with the Ultimate Life Form tech at the Dark Matter Institute.

More information on bacteria mutation here.

Black Hole Survival Probability

Surivival probability.png

Each evolved bacteria has a default 10% Black Hole survival probability. It can be raised through Bacteria Irradiation at the Research Lab. It is unlocked when the fifth planet after the first Black Hole is destroyed.

Viewing the survival probability of a bacteria is possible after the first Black Hole. To do this, open the list of evolved bacteria and tap on a bacteria of your choice. The survivability should be visible just below the bacteria's stats.

The default survival probability cap is 30%. It can be raised to 50% by researching Hazard Elimination at the Dark Matter Institute.