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Whenever you on a screen, there is 1% chance to spawn a Critical Bacteria. If you tap on a Critical Bacteria, it will start pulsating and explode, giving you 5 times more Bacteria than the current BPC.

Critical Bacteria have red spots and additional tentacles.

Critical Hit Modifiers

Critical hits are affected by two stats:

  • Critical effect
  • Critical chance

These stats can be obtained from equipped Evolved Bacteria. Critical effect increases the Bacteria gained from critical hits (e.g. with +100% critical effect you can gain 10 times more Bacteria than the current BPC). Critical chance increases the likelihood to get a Critical Bacteria (e.g. with +2% critical chance you have a total of 3% chance to get a Critical Bacteria on tap).

Interaction With Other Mechanics

Quantum Robotics.png

Quantum Robotics

After researching Quantum Robotics in the Dark Matter Institute, each tap also has a 0.1% chance to produce a Nanobot, but it is not affected by increased critical hit chance and effect. In most cases the tap that produces an extra Nanobot will not be a critical hit.

See also: Quantum Robotics

Combo upgrade.png

Tapping Combo

Since the tapping combo increases your current BPC, critical hits will give more Bacteria as well.

See also: Tapping Combo

Version History

Version Changes
1.5.0 Changed Critical Bacteria design and mechanics.

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