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|pop = 3.358E+157
|pop = 3.358E+157
|gs = n/a
|gs = n/a
|nanobot res = 6
|nanobot res = exceptional
|shield lv = 20
|shield lv = 20

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"In an event known as the Great Melting, every inhabitant of Boswuytos spontaneously dissolved into sentient liquid. The liquid split into approximately four thousand belligerent tribes who engulfed the planet in endless war."

Planet number 39
Population 3.358E+157
Gene Strands Gene strand.pngn/a
Nanobot Resistance exceptional
Shield Level 20

Boswuytos is the 39th planet.


Image Name Effect Base Drop Chance
Mimetite.png Mimetite

+100% BPC




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