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Bacterial Takeover β

Version 1.30.0

Version 1.30.0 was released on 22.07.2021 on Google Play for 90% of devices.


General Changes

  • New Achievements
  • Improved graphics
  • Improved user interface
  • Balance changes
  • Bug fixes

Mechanic Changes

  • Each time you speed up research by tapping (e.g. in Bacteria Engineering), the time boost increases by 1 second. This is reset on starting new research.

Balance Changes

  • It now costs Bacteria.png500 to unlock Bacteria Evolution (previously Bacteria.png10k)
  • Space code puzzles are now available from planet 5+ (previously was available instantly)
  • The option to buy all upgrades now available from planet 4 (previously was available from planet 6)
  • Gain 1 extra scientist after destroying Mars for the first time
  • The cost of first premium scientist is raised to Diamonds.png100 (previously was Diamonds.png50)

Known Bugs

  • New achievements are not displayed.

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