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Tactical Advantage

Tactical Advantage
Tactical Advantage.png
Effect x9-243 BPS
Price Diamonds.png 175-2800

Tactical Advantage is a Premium Upgrade that, once purchased, increases your premium BPS multiplier. This effect is permanent and there is no limit to how many times it can be purchased.

The total effect of premium upgrades on BPS can be calculated by adding together the multipliers from Tactical Advantage and Opportunist and multiply them with the effect of Increased BPS Forever.

Upon purchasing this upgrade, both its price and effect are increased until they reach the limit of Diamonds.png2800 and x243 BPS respectively.

Times purchased Price Effect
0 175 x9 BPS
1 460 x27 BPS
2 1100 x81 BPS
3+ 2800 x243 BPS

Version History

Version Changes
1.4.0 Added to the game

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