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Gene Strands

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Gene Strands (GS) are resources that boost your bacteria production per second (BPS).

GS are not lost after attacking a planet, but entering a Black Hole will transform all GS into Dark Matter.

New GS can be obtained by killing a percentage of a planet's population. GS can reach large numbers in early game, which are displayed using abbreviations or scientific notification, if it has been enabled in the settings menu.

Gene Strand Bonus

Unspent Gene Strands provide a 1% increase to global BPS.

This can be increased to 2% by researching Schroedinger's Gene at the Dark Matter Institute.

Drop Amount

Gene Strands are earned from planet attacks. The base amount is calculated according to formula

GS formula.png


  • GeneStrands - how many GS will be obtained in the planet attack
  • Total Population Killed - the total number of killed inhabitants since the first planet (including the current attack)
  • Population Killed - the number of inhabitants killed in the current attack
  • Initial Population - the initial number of inhabitants on the current planet

GS earned is also be increased by bonuses from equipped Evolved Bacteria .

Dark Matter Conversion

When entering a Black Hole, all Gene Strands are lost and converted to Dark Matter.

The amount of Dark Matter earned increases at a logarithmic rate, which means that it does not increase as quickly as the amount of Gene Strands that are being converted into Dark Matter. This amount increases at an even slower rate as you enter more Black Holes.

Dark matter formula 1.3.0.png



Version History

Version Changes
1.34.0 Added skill point system. Gene Strand upgrades are replaced by a skill tree

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