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BPC stands for bacteria per click.

When the player taps on the main screen, he will produce Bacteria in the amount that is at least equal to the current BPC. The game starts with the player having just 1 BPC and it is primarily increased by purchasing Bacteria guns from the Bacteria colonies menu.

Mechanics such as Red Bacteria, critical hits, and tapping combos enable temporarily increasing BPC or producing more Bacteria than the current BPC would normally allow.

BPC can quickly reach large numbers, which are displayed using abbreviations or scientific notification, if it has been enabled in the settings menu.


BPC sources

BPC sources add some number to the base Bacteria production per tap.

They include Bacteria gun, which can be purchased from the Bacteria colonies menu, and Bacteria cannon, which can be purchased for Diamonds in the premium section.

Upgrades Adding Bacteria from BPS to BPC

Some regular and Gene Strand upgrades increase BPC by a percentage of your total BPS. They do not decrease your total BPS.

The effectiveness of these upgrades is determined by:

  • their base effect; and
  • the number of destroyed planets.

The base effect is not displayed in the upgrade description. For regular upgrades, the base effect usually is 1%, but Toxic bullets, for example, has a base effect of 5%.

The final effect of the particular upgrade is calculated according to the formula:

effect = base effect / PlanetsDestroyed2 

Main page: BPS conversion

BPC modifiers

BPC modifiers increase the current BPC by some percentage.

Most BPC modifiers are reset when attacking planets or entering a Black Hole, but others — such as the BPC bonus from Minerals — are permanent.

Modifier Temporary Permanent
Reset condition
Instant Timer Planet Attack Planet Destruction Black Hole
Red Bacteria x x x x x
Ad bonus x x x x x
Starter pack boost x x x x x
Critical Bacteria x x x x x
Tapping Combo x x x x x
Minerals x x x x x ✓*
Evolved Bacteria x x x x x** ✓**
DMI Technologies x x x x x
BPC Upgrades x x x
Gene Strand Upgrades x x x x x
Planetary Discoveries x x x x
* — The BPS/BPC effect from a Mineral can be lost if it is used for Mineral Fusion
** — Evolved Bacteria effect will no longer be active if the particular Bacteria is unequipped or destroyed in a Black Hole

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