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The increase to Bacteria production from Gene Strand upgrades isn't always as big as the bonus from unspent Gene Strands.

The usefulness of Gene Strand upgrades usually differs depending on your playstyle and current progress in the game. For example, most upgrades to colony production are worth the Gene Strand investment only if most of Bacteria production comes from these colonies. Similarly, BPC and tapping combo upgrades are worth it only for an active tapping playstyle.

One of the exceptions to this rule are the Gene Strand upgrades that increase idle BPS bonus. These upgrades almost always increase your total BPS significantly.

This is because idle BPS also provides bonus to production when the game is closed and it will be active most of the time. Furthermore, idle BPS multiplies the bonus from the unspent Gene Strands, which means that the upgrade can be worth the cost even if the price of the upgrade is very high.


Example: Gene Strand Bonus vs. A.I. controlled production

A.I controlled production is an upgrade that costs Gene strand.png2500 and increases the player's idle BPS bonus by 100%.

Let's say your BPS without any bonuses is 100.

If you have Gene strand.png100 (coefficient is 2.0), your total BPS without the upgrade would be 100 × 2 × 1 = 200.

If you purchased the upgrade it would be 100 × 1 × 1.75 = 175.

As you can see, the BPS is now smaller.

If instead, you have Gene strand.png1000 (coefficient is 11.0), your total BPS without the upgrade would be 100 × 11 × 1 = 1100.

If you purchased the upgrade it would be 100 × 10 × 1.75 = 1750.

In this case, the total BPS has increased.