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Icon Name Effect Prerequisite Price (Bacteria) +BPS/+BPC Iterative
Mars colony upgrade.png Mars upgrade 1 Mars colony production +100% x10 Mars colonies Bacteria.png1.16E+40 BPS no
Mars upgrade 2 x25 Mars colonies Bacteria.png3.20E+40 BPS
Mars upgrade 3 x50 Mars colonies Bacteria.png1.74E+41 BPS
Mars upgrade 4 Mars colony production +150% x75 Mars colonies Bacteria.png9.42E+41 BPS
Mars upgrade 5 x100 Mars colonies Bacteria.png5.11E+42 BPS
Mars based gun technologies Adds some Bacteria from BPS to BPC x125 Mars colonies Bacteria.png2.78E+43 BPC
Mars improvement Mars colony production +200% x200 Mars colonies Bacteria.png100 BPS yes
Mercury colony upgrade.png Mercury upgrade 1 Mercury colony production +100% x10 Mercury colonies Bacteria.png1.16E+48 BPS no
Mercury upgrade 2 x25 Mercury colonies Bacteria.png3.20E+48 BPS
Mercury upgrade 3 x50 Mercury colonies Bacteria.png1.74E+49 BPS
Mercury upgrade 4 Mercury colony production +150% x75 Mercury colonies Bacteria.png9.42E+49 BPS
Mercury upgrade 5 x100 Mercury colonies Bacteria.png5.11E+50 BPS
Mercury based gun technologies Adds some Bacteria from BPS to BPC x125 Mercury colonies Bacteria.png2.78E+51 BPC
Mercury improvement Mercury colony production +200% x200 Mercury colonies Bacteria.png100 BPS yes
Earth colony upgrade.png Earth upgrade 1 Earth colony production +100% x10 Earth colonies Bacteria.png1.16E+56 BPS no
Earth upgrade 2 x25 Earth colonies Bacteria.png3.20E+56 BPS
Earth upgrade 3 x50 Earth colonies Bacteria.png1.74E+57 BPS
Earth upgrade 4 Earth colony production +150% x75 Earth colonies Bacteria.png9.42E+57 BPS
Earth upgrade 5 x100 Earth colonies Bacteria.png5.11E+58 BPS
Earth based gun technologies Adds some Bacteria from BPS to BPC x125 Earth colonies Bacteria.png2.78E+59 BPC
Earth improvement Earth colony production +200% x200 Earth colonies Bacteria.png100 BPS yes
Paflaolus colony upgrade.png Paflaolus upgrade 1 Paflaolus colony production +100% x10 Paflaolus colonies Bacteria.png1.16E+66 BPS no
Paflaolus upgrade 2 x25 Paflaolus colonies Bacteria.png3.20E+66 BPS
Paflaolus upgrade 3 x50 Paflaolus colonies Bacteria.png1.74E+67 BPS
Paflaolus upgrade 4 Paflaolus colony production +150% x75 Paflaolus colonies Bacteria.png9.42E+67 BPS
Paflaolus upgrade 5 x100 Paflaolus colonies Bacteria.png5.11E+68 BPS
Paflaolus based gun technologies Adds some Bacteria from BPS to BPC x125 Paflaolus colonies Bacteria.png2.78E+69 BPC
Paflaolus improvement Paflaolus colony production +200% x200 Paflaolus colonies Bacteria.png100 BPS yes
Aclanus colony upgrade.png Aclanus upgrade 1 Aclanus colony production +100% x10 Aclanus colonies Bacteria.png1.16E+79 BPS no
Aclanus upgrade 2 x25 Aclanus colonies Bacteria.png3.20E+79 BPS
Aclanus upgrade 3 x50 Aclanus colonies Bacteria.png1.74E+80 BPS
Aclanus upgrade 4 Aclanus colony production +150% x75 Aclanus colonies Bacteria.png9.42E+80 BPS
Aclanus upgrade 5 x100 Aclanus colonies Bacteria.png5.11E+81 BPS
Aclanus based gun technologies Adds some Bacteria from BPS to BPC x125 Aclanus colonies Bacteria.png2.78E+82 BPC
Aclanus improvement Aclanus colony production +200% x200 Aclanus colonies Bacteria.png100 BPS yes
Lableilara colony upgrade.png Lableilara upgrade 1 Lableilara colony production +100% x10 Lableilara colonies Bacteria.png1.16E+96 BPS no
Lableilara upgrade 2 x25 Lableilara colonies Bacteria.png3.20E+97 BPS
Lableilara upgrade 3 x50 Lableilara colonies Bacteria.png5.74E+97 BPS
Lableilara upgrade 4 Lableilara colony production +150% x75 Lableilara colonies Bacteria.png6.42E+98 BPS
Lableilara upgrade 5 x100 Lableilara colonies Bacteria.png9.11E+100 BPS
Lableilara improvement Lableilara colony production +200% x200 Lableilara colonies Bacteria.png100 BPS yes
Atreria upgrade.png Atreria upgrade 1 Atreria colony production +100% x10 Atreria colonies Bacteria.png1.16E+113 BPS no
Atreria upgrade 2 Atreria colony production +100% x25 Atreria colonies Bacteria.png1.20E+114 BPS
Atreria upgrade 3 Atreria colony production +100% x50 Atreria colonies Bacteria.png5.74E+114 BPS
Atreria upgrade 4 Atreria colony production +150% x75 Atreria colonies Bacteria.png2.82E+115 BPS
Atreria upgrade 5 Atreria colony production +150% x100 Atreria colonies Bacteria.png5.26E+117 BPS
Atreria improvement Atreria colony production +200% x200 Atreria colonies Bacteria.png100 BPS