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:::::::Purchasing new colonies is the main means for increasing '''[[BPS]]''' and '''[[BPC]]'''. Colonies cost bacteria[[Resources#Bacteria|'''Bacteria''']]. New types are unlocked when the player has accumulated bacteria Bacteria equal to the base price of the next available colony.
:[[File:Colonies icon.png|100px|left]]
:::::::Purchasing a new colony increases the price of all colonies of the same type, but the increase to production remains the same.
:::::::Before purchasing [[Colonies#Colonized Planets|'''colonized planets''']], there is an additional requirement of having previously destroyed 8 planets. This is not reset after entering a '''[[Black Hole]]'''.
:::::::All colonies and regular colony [[Upgrades|'''upgrades''']] are used up when attacking a [[Planets|'''planet''']] or entering a [[Black Hole]]. Gene strand Strand upgrades to colony production are only lost when entering a Black Hole, but BPC and BPS bonuses from the '''[[Dark Matter Institute]]''' and '''Premium purchases''' are permanent.
:::::::The effective production of colonies is also influenced by the equipped [[Evolved Bacteria|'''Evolved Bacteria''']], which can boost the total BPS, [[BPS#Idle BPS|idle BPS]], or reduce colony price.
=Colony Types=
==Bacteria Guns==
Bacteria gun Gun is available for purchase from the very beginning of the game.
Unlike other colonies, bacteria gun Bacteria Gun adds only to the player's [[BPC]].
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==Bacteria Colonies==
Except for Petri Dish, all bacteria Bacteria colonies are unlocked once the player has accumulated bacteria Bacteria equal to the base cost of that colony.
All bacteria Bacteria colonies only add to BPS, but some colony and gene strand Gene Strand [[Upgrades|upgrades]] can boost the player's [[BPC ]] by a percentage of the total [[BPS]].
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|style="text-align:center;"|[[File:Nuclear reactor.png|80px]]
|Nuclear reactorReactor
|Industrialized asteroidAsteroid
|style="text-align:center;"|[[File:Artificial planet.png|80px]]
|Artificial planetPlanet
==Colonized Planets==
Colonized planets work identically to regular [[Colonies#Bacteria Colonies|bacteria Bacteria colonies]], but have the additional requirement of the player having previously destroyed at least 8 [[Planets|'''planets''']].
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