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::::::::*researching the '''[[Dark Matter Institute]]''' technologies
::::::::*purchasing [[Premium Purchases| '''premium bonuses''']]
::::::::*collecting [[Resources#Gene Strands|'''gene strandsGene Strands''']]
::::::::*completing certain [[Achievements|'''achievements''']]
=Gene Strand Upgrades=
Gene strand Strand upgrades enable and increase the [[BPS#idle BPS|'''idle BPS bonus''']], [[Tapping Combo|'''tapping combo bonus''']], as well as provide various multipliers to total [[BPC]] and increase the production of different [[Colonies|'''colonies''']].
New gene strand Gene Strand upgrades are unlocked by destroying [[Planets|'''planets''']]. Previously purchased upgrades can be sold for 2/3 of their original Price (Gene Strands), rounded down.
Gene strand Strand upgrades remain after planet attacks, but are lost upon entering a '''[[Black Hole]]'''.
==BPC Upgrades==

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