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Planetary Weakness

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[[File:Equipped legionella.png|thumb|A Bacteria set where Legionella Bacteria is the planetary weakness]]
[[File:Aclanus weakness.png|thumb|Aclanus with a Legionalla planetary weakness]]
Each [[Planets|planet]] has a weakness to one random [[Evolved_Bacteria#Species|species]] of [[Evolved Bacteria]]. Planetary weaknesses can differ for the same planets in different [[galaxy|galaxies]].
Whenever you enter a [[Black Hole]], the planetary weaknesses change.
If you have equipped an [[Evolved Bacteria]] that is the planetary weakness, then its stats will be multiplied '''2-5 times''' while you are on that planet. Stats that have been increased by such a Bacteria are marked in green. The Bacteria that is the planetary weakness has a green skull displayed next to it.
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