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Bacteria Recycling

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=Version History=
{{version history table}}{{version history row|v = 1.19.0|changes ={{*}} Regular [[Bacteria]] reward from recyling is now calculated from current BPS rather than the amount of owned [[Bacteria]].}}{{version history row|v = 1.15.0|changes ={{*}} Unlocking Bacteria Recycling now also costs [[Bacteria]]}}{{version history row|v = 1.14.0|changes ={{*}} Added [[Boost|boosts]] to the pool of possible bacteria recycling rewards}}{{version history row|v = 1.8.0|changes ={{*}} Changed recycling reward amount{{*}} Balanced recycling reward probabilities}}{{version history row|v = 1.5.0|changes ={{*}} [[Bacteria Recycling#Bacteria Value Coefficient|BVC]] 3 no longer gives Tier 3 reward;{{*}} Tier 3 rewards have smaller chance of giving a Level 3 legendary [[Evolved Bacteria]].}}{{version history row|v = 1.4.0|changes ={{*}} Changed [[Bacteria Recycling#Reward Probabilities|reward probabilities]] for various tiers;{{*}} [[Gene Strands|Gene Strand]] reward no longer depends on currently owned Gene Strands.}}{{version history row|v = 1.3.0|changes = Introduced to the game.}}|}
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