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Daily Quests

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There are 5 type of rewards:
*{{diamond icon}} - gives a fixed number of [[Diamonds]];
*{{nanobot}} - gives a fixed number of [[Nanobots]];
*{{gs}} - gives [[Gene Strands]]. The amount earned depends on how many [[Gene Strands]] could be gained from destroying 100% of the initial population of the current [[Planets|planet]]. Equipping [[Evolved Bacteria]] with bonus to [[Gene Strands]] gained increases the reward;
*{{time}} - reduces the remaining [[Research Time|research time]] of all active research activities. The percentage is calculated from the total duration of the active research;
*{{evolved}} - a random [[Evolved Bacteria]]. The chance of getting a higher rarity [[Evolved Bacteria]] is affected by [[Genome Corruption]].
{{quest reward table}}

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