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Colony Irradiation

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{{colony irradiation}}
=Unlock Requirements=
*Destroy [[Earth]]
*Pay 1E+7 [[Bacteria]]
=Irradiation Effect=
For example, a colony with a '''Level 2''' irradiation will have a [[BPS]] multiplier of '''4''', but a '''Level 5''' irradiation will have a multiplier of '''32'''.
=Unsuccessful Irradiation=
If the irradiation process is unsuccessful, the player will get some free [[Resources#Bacteria|bacteria]] instead.
The amount earned is determined by the formula:
BPS × RandomMultiplier × ResearchDurationInSeconds
''RandomMultiplier'' - a random number between 0.05 and 0.2
=Irradiation Types=
{{colony irradiation table}}
=Version History=
{{version history table}}
{{version history row
|v = 1.15.0
|changes = Unlocking this research now also costs [[Bacteria]]
{{version history row
|v = 1.6.0
|changes = Fixed bug where Gamma radiation and Hawking radiation sometimes are not displayed.
{{version history row
|v = 1.5.1
|changes = Added 2 new irradiation options - Gamma radiation and Hawking radiation.
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