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Both attacking and destroying planets resets certain [[Resources|resources]], [[Upgrades|upgrades]], and bonuses.
<u>Attacking </u> a planet '''resets''':
* [[Resources#Bacteria|Bacteria]]
* [[Colonies|Bacteria Colonies]]
* [[Upgrades#Bacteria Upgrades|Bacteria Upgrades]]
* [[Nanobots]](if the planet was not destroyed)
<u>Attacking </u> a planet '''does not reset''':
* [[Gene Strands]]
* [[Upgrades#Gene Strand Upgrades|Gene Strand Upgrades]]
* [[Resources#Dark Matter|Dark Matter]]
<u>Destroying </u> a planet '''resets''':
* Bonuses from [[Planetary Research]]
<u>Destroying</u> a planet '''does not reset''':
* [[Nanobots]] that were not necessary to destroy the planet
=Planet Population=

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