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:::::::Before purchasing [[Colonies#Colonized Planets|'''colonized planets''']], there is an additional requirement of having previously destroyed 8 planets. This is not reset after entering a '''[[Black Hole]]'''.
:::::::All colonies and regular colony [[Upgrades|'''upgrades''']] are used up when attacking a [[Planets|'''planet''']] or entering a [[Black Hole]]. Gene Strand upgrades to colony production are only lost when entering a Black Hole, but BPC and BPS bonuses from the '''[[Dark Matter Institute]]''' and [[Diamonds#Diamond purchasesDiamond_Purchases|'''Premium purchases''']] are permanent.
:::::::The effective production of colonies is also influenced by the equipped [[Evolved Bacteria|'''Evolved Bacteria''']], which can boost the total BPS, [[BPS#Idle BPS|idle BPS]], or reduce colony price.

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