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Attacking a planet uses up all [[Resources#Bacteria|'''Bacteria''']] and [[Resources#Nanobots|'''Nanobots''']], and resets [[Colonies|'''colonies''']] and [[Upgrades|'''bacteria upgrades''']]. Destroying planets unlocks new upgrades and features, such as [[Research#Colony Irradiation|Colony irradiation]] or [[Research#Nanobot Production|Nanobot production]].
A planet counts as destroyed if its remaining population has been reduced to 0. Killing a percentage of a planet's population earns '''[[Gene Strands]]''' and there is no limit to how many times the player can attack one planet to destroy it. However, it's not possible to attack a planet if the player cannot gain even 1 Gene Strand or if he has less than 1 Bacteria.
Each subsequent planet also increases in population and defenses.<br><br>
After entering a '''[[Black Hole]]''', the player enters an alternate timeline where none of the planets have been destroyed. The planets in the alternate timeline have the same stats and defenses, but can unlock different features. For example, destroying the fifth planet after the first Black Hole unlocks [[Research#Bacteria Irradiation|'''Bacteria irradiation''']].

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