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This page includes guidelines on how to use the wiki. To learn how to play Bacterial Takeover, refer to page [[Getting Started]].
If some information is missing or incorrect, feel free to contact us via [ email].
=Searching Incomplete Words=
To search incomplete words on the wiki, add <code>*</code> at the end of your query.
=Searching Exact Phrases=
To look up exact phrases on the wiki, write your query in double quotes, i.e. "example query"
When looking up a phrase that consists of several words, the search engine will return results where each individual word can be scattered throughout the page text.
For example, searching for <code>reduced research</code> will also show the page about [[Reduced Bacteria Needed|<code><span style="color:#FFFF00; background:#00C000">'''Reduced'''</span> Bacteria Needed</code>]], because the phrase [[Planetary Research|<code>Planetary <span style="color:#FFFF00; background:#00C000">'''Research'''</span></code>]] is mentioned in that page. To search only for pages where the words <code>reduced research</code> appear together in the text, write your query in double quotation marks, i.e. <code>"reduced research"</code>.
=Common Abbreviations and Acronyms=
{{common abbreviations}}
=Contact Support=
You can reach us by e-mail: []

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