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When entering a '''[[Black Hole]]''', Gene Strand upgrades are lost, but the unspent Gene Strands are transformed into [[Resources#Dark Matter|'''Dark Matter''']].
=Evolved Bacteria=
'''Main page:''' [[Evolved Bacteria]]
[[File:Scientist.png|left|150px]]::::::::Scientists are different from most resources, as they are returned to the player after use and are never lost.
::::::::The player starts the game with one Scientist. New Scientists can be bought for Diamonds and one additional Scientist can be earned by researching the '''[[Doppelganger]]''' technology in the [[Black Hole#Dark Matter Institute| '''Dark Matter Institute''']]. There is no limit to how many Scientists a player can have, but each consecutive purchase of a Scientist increases its price.
::::::::Scientists are required in the [[Research|'''Research Labs''']] to produce resources, evolve Bacteria, irradiate Evolved Bacteria and Bacteria colonies, clean the lab after Bacteria mutation, etc.::::::::After researching the '''[[Quantum Leap]]''' technology at the Dark Matter Institute, each idle Scientist also doubles the player's [[BPS]].
::::::::Before Version 1.0.0 (Android), Scientists were called Laborants.