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Space Communication.png

Space Communication is a feature that is accessible from the game settings.

By sending a secret code from the Space Communication menu, it is possible to get some free resources, such as Diamonds, Bacteria, and Gene Strands.

Each code can only be used once and, after sending a correct code, there's a 12 hour cooldown before another code can be entered. Correct letter capitalization does not affect whether it will be accepted.

Sometimes codes have an expiration date, after which they are no longer usable. Exceptionally rewarding and difficult codes can also have a limit of uses. This means that each player can still enter the code only once, but the total number of players that can receive the reward is limited.

Finding Secret Codes

The codes are published on different webpages and social media profiles of the game. Some codes are hidden or unrevealed.

The sites with secret codes include:


There are three reward types: Diamonds, Bacteria, and Gene Strands.

The amount of Diamonds received depend only on the secret code, but the amount of Gene Strands and Bacteria depends on how many of the said resources are currently owned.

On average, the Space Communication rewards are about three times more valuable than the Red Bacteria rewards of the same type.

List of Expired Codes

Code Reward Expiration date Limit of uses
meclr Diamonds.png 20 9th February 2018 -
I love bacteria Bacteria.png Bacteria 16th February 2018 -
Alpha Ursae Minoris Diamonds.png 100 - 15
grav lrp- Bacteria.png Bacteria 24th February 2018 -
2A Diamonds.png 10 2nd March 2018 -
MarsIsFlat Diamonds.png 10 9th March 2018 -
Mitochondria Gene strand.png (10x current amount) 16th March 2018 -