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Bacteria are the main resource in the game. It is used for purchasing and upgrading colonies and attacking planets.

Bacteria can be obtained in the following ways:

  • by tapping on the screen
  • automatically, if the player has purchased some colonies
  • from red bacteria bonus
  • from failed colony irradiation or bacteria evolution

The player loses all his bacteria when attacking a planet or entering a Black Hole. In doing so, more valuable resources are obtained and new bacteria can be produced faster.

Gene Strands

Gene strand.png

Gene strands are used for purchasing upgrades that provide various bonuses. Gene strands and gene strand upgrades are not lost after attacking a planet.

Unspent Gene strands provide a 1% increase to global BPS. This can be increased to 2% by researching Schroedinger's Gene at the Dark Matter Institute.

New gene strands can be obtained by killing a percentage of a planet's population.

When entering a Black Hole, gene strand upgrades are lost, but the unspent gene strands are transformed into Dark Matter. If the player has destroyed 25 planets, he can obtain approximately 390 units of Dark Matter when entering a Black Hole.

Evolved Bacteria

Common grimmontella.png

Evolved Bacteria can be discovered through Bacteria Evolution at the Research Lab.

A player can equip up to 3 evolved bacteria at one time, but there are no limitations as to how many evolved bacteria can be owned.

The evolved bacteria that are equipped provide bonuses to production, increased critical strike chance and multiplier, reduced research time, and other positive effects.

When entering a Black Hole, there is a default 90% possibility that an evolved bacteria will die. Before entering, the player can secure two bacteria that will definitely survive.

When the player destroys the fifth planet after the first Black Hole, Bacteria Irradiation is unlocked. It is accessible from the Research Lab and can increase the black hole survivability of an evolved bacteria.


Scientists are different from most resources, as they are returned to the player after use and are never lost.

The player starts the game with one scientist. New scientists can be bought for diamonds and one additional scientist can be earned by researching the Doppelganger technology in the Dark Matter Institute. There is no limit to how many scientists a player can have, but each consecutive purchase of a scientist increases its price.

Scientists are required to produce resources, evolve bacteria, irradiate evolved bacteria and bacteria colonies, and to clean the lab after bacteria mutation. After researching the Quantum Leap technology at the Dark Matter Institute, each idle scientist also doubles the player's BPS.

Before Version 1.0.0, scientists were called laborants.



Diamonds are a premium resource that can be used to purchase:

  • a permanent BPS bonus
  • a permanent BPC bonus
  • an extra scientist
  • bacteria equal to 6 hours of BPS

Diamonds can also be used to instantly complete research or reveal the results of bacteria mutation. Most bonuses that provide incremental boosts, such as additional BPS, increase in price after each purchase.

Diamonds can be obtained:

  • from microtransactions
  • by completing achievements
  • by watching ads
  • by completing other actions in game (e.g. destroying the 10th planet for the first time will yield 100 diamonds)

Unlike most resources, diamonds are not lost when attacking a planet or entering a Black Hole.



The primary use of nanobots is to kill the last percentage of a planet's population, which is usually harder to infect by using only bacteria. Nanobots are lost when attacking a planet or entering a Black Hole.

Nanobot Production is unlocked after destroying the fifth planet. Nanobots can be produced by scientists.

After researching Quantum Robotics at the Dark Matter Institute, the player has a 0.1% chance to produce a nanobot. Dark Matter Institute also has the Dark Engineering technology, which increases nanobot strength 25%.

After Atreria, all planets have nanobot resistance, which reduces their effectiveness.

Dark Matter

Dark Matter is used to research technologies in the Dark Matter Institute.

Dark Matter is earned when entering a Black Hole. The amount earned depends on the number of unspent gene strands. A player who has reached planet 25 can receive at most 390 units of Dark Matter.