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Red bacteria.png

Every 1.5 to 3 minutes there is a chance that a Red Bacteria will spawn on the screen.

Tapping on it does not break the idle BPS streak and gives a random reward. The player may receive it immediately or watch a short second video ad to increase the reward amount. The latter option requires an active internet connection.

By researching Alien Life Forms in the Dark Matter Institute, the player can reduce the Red Bacteria spawning time by 20%.


Certain conditions must be met so that a Red Bacteria could appear on the screen:

  • Current BPS must be higher than 0
  • The game must be open for 60-90 seconds (or less if the player has researched Alien Life Forms)

Red Bacteria Ads

Regardless of the reward offered by the Red Bacteria, it is possible to increase it by watching a short video ad.

After the watching the ad, there is a cooldown of approximately 1 hour, where Red Bacteria ads are not available and it's possible to select only the free reward. The cooldown for Red Bacteria ads is in no way related to cooldown for other ad types.

If you have an active subscription, then you can receive the better reward without watching ads.

Red Bacteria Rewards

Reward Spawn chance Free reward Ad reward
Free Bacteria ~26.25% Current BPS × 100-200 Current BPS × 1 000-2 000
Increased BPS ~21% Current BPS × 15 for 15 seconds Current BPS × 150 for 15 seconds
Increased BPC ~21% Current BPC × 15 for 15 seconds Current BPC × 150 for 15 seconds
Free Diamonds ~10.5% Diamonds.png1 Diamonds.png5
Reduce research time ~21%* Reduce all active research time by 5% Reduce all active research time by 25%

* - If you do not have any research in progress, then no Red Bacteria will spawn with a reduced research time reward.

Interaction With Other Mechanics

Time Machine.png

Time Machine

Purchasing a Time Machine does not remove the active Red Bacteria effect.

However, the increased BPS reward does not influence how many Bacteria will be gained from the Time Machine.

See also: Diamond Purchases



Attacking a planet does not remove the active Red Bacteria effect.

See also: Planets


Travelling Scientists

If the player receives a reduced research time reward from the Red Bacteria, the current travel time for Scientists is reduced as well.

See also: Planetary Research


Black Hole

Entering a Black Hole does not remove the active Red Bacteria effect.

See also: Black Hole

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