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|pop = 6.125E+171
|pop = 6.125E+171
|gs = n/a
|gs = n/a
|nanobot res = 6
|nanobot res = exceptional
|shield lv = 23
|shield lv = 23
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|description =  
|description =  
Midraenus is the '''42<sup>nd</sup>''' [[Planets|planet]].
Nesmoupra is the '''42<sup>nd</sup>''' [[Planets|planet]].

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"Many a cyborg assassin has perished in the deserts of Nesmoupra. It is rumored to be the seat of a space ninja clan, the most deadly rival of cyborg-kind."

Planet number 42
Population 6.125E+171
Gene Strands Gene strand.pngn/a
Nanobot Resistance exceptional
Shield Level 23

Nesmoupra is the 42nd planet.


Image Name Effect Base Drop Chance
Native Gold.png Native Gold

+125% BPC




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