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Welcome to Bacterial Takeover wiki!

Bacterial Takeover is a mobile game for iOS and Android.

Getting Started Resources Mechanics

The main goal is to produce large amounts of bacteria to take over the Universe.

Bacteria can be collected by tapping on the main screen. It is also possible to purchase colonies, which increase your bacteria output and produce bacteria even when you are not tapping.

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The basic resource is bacteria. It is used for purchasing and upgrading colonies or attacking planets.

Resources like bacteria and nanobots are lost after attacking a planet, but gene strands and a some evolved bacteria can only be lost in the Black Hole. Other resources are used to purchase upgrades, research technologies, or produce less valuable resources.

Currently, the game includes seven different resource types:

  • Bacteria
  • Gene Strands
  • Evolved Bacteria
  • Scientists
  • Diamonds
  • Nanobots
  • Dark Matter

The core mechanics are BPS (bacteria per second) and BPC (bacteria per click). They can be modified by different effects, such as idle bonus for BPS or tapping bonus for BPC.

Red bacteria and evolved bacteria provide other positive bonuses, which can help breaching a planet's defenses. The Black Hole is an optional mechanic, which sets back most of the obtained upgrades, but offers Dark Matter as a reward.

The current game mechanics can be categorized in the following way:

  • BPS
  • BPC
  • Critical Hits
  • Tapping Combos
  • Red Bacteria
  • Planets
  • Black Hole
  • Evolved Bacteria
Colonies Upgrades Research

Bacteria colonies produce bacteria per click (BPC) or bacteria per second (BPS). You can purchase different colonies for a certain amount of bacteria.

New colonies are unlocked when the player has collected bacteria equal to the cost of the previous colony. When 8 planets have been destroyed, the player unlocks purchasing colonized planets.

The current colony types include:

  • Regular Colonies
  • Bacteria Guns
  • Colonized Planets

Upgrades increase bacteria production or provide other bonuses, such as reduced red bacteria spawn time or increased effect of gene strands.

They can be sorted into four main categories:

  • Colony Upgrades
  • Gene Strand Upgrades
  • Premium Upgrades
  • Dark Matter Institute Technologies

Colony upgrades are lost after attacking a planet, but gene strand upgrades remain until a player enters a Black Hole. Dark Matter Institute technologies and premium upgrades are permanent. Each research type requires a different resource - either bacteria, gene strands, Dark Matter, or diamonds.

Research is a way of generating resources, earning and upgrading evolved bacteria, and improving bacteria production.

Most research types require some amount of time to be completed and use scientists, which are returned to the player after completion. New research types can be unlocked by destroying planets.

There are five research types:

  • Bacteria Evolution
  • Colony Irradiation
  • Bacteria Mutations
  • Nanobot Production
  • Bacteria Irradiation

  • Lore
  • Achievements
  • In-game Purchases

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