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Large Numbers

Many of the resources and stats can quickly reach large numbers, most notably Bacteria count and planet population.

By default, all numbers bigger than 999 are displayed using the alphabetic notation. It is also possible to enable scientific notation in the Settings menu, which will change how the numbers are displayed in game.



There are two notations (or ways) large numbers can be displayed: alphabetic and scientific.


The alphabetic notation is the default style for displaying numbers in Bacterial Takeover (e.g. 10.500 K, 8.910 Bil, 35.200 bn). It is a non-standard notation that combines common abbreviations (for numbers smaller than 1E+54) with some arbitrary abbreviations (for larger numbers).

The list of abbreviations used by alphabetic notation is provided further below.


Scientific notation is a way of writing numbers that cannot be conveniently displayed using the standard system.

Bacterial Takeover employs a type of scientific notation that is called the E-notation. The E stands for exponent and shows how many zeroes a particular number has. This makes it easy to make various calculations. Scientific notation is only used if it has been turned on in the Settings menu or if the number in question is larger than 1E+2079.

The list of abbreviations used by scientific notation is provided further below.


Numbers up to 1E+54

Abbreviation Name Number of 0s Scientific Notation
K Thousand 3 1000
Mil Million 6 1E+6
Bil Billion 9 1E+9
Tril Trillion 12 1E+12
Qa Quadrillion 15 1E+15
Qi Quintillion 18 1E+18
Sx Sextillion 21 1E+21
Sp Septillion 24 1E+24
Oct Octillion 27 1E+27
No Nonillion 30 1E+30
Dc Decillion 33 1E+33
Udc Undecillion 36 1E+36
Ddc Duodecillion 39 1E+39
Tdc Tredecillion 42 1E+42
Qadc Quattuordecillion 45 1E+45
Qidc Quinquadecillion 48 1E+48
Sxdc Sedecillion 51 1E+51

Numbers from 1E+54

According to the alphabetic notation, numbers in the range from 1E+54 to 1E+2079 are shown as a combination of two letters ranging from "aa" (1E+54) to "zz".


  • 1E+54 = 1 aa
  • 1E+57 = 1 ab
  • 1E+60 = 1 ac
  • 1E+63 = 1 ad
  • 1E+132 = 1 ba
  • 1E+135 = 1 bb
  • 1E+2073 = 1 zx
  • 1E+2076 = 1 zy
  • 1E+2079 = 1 zz

Version History

Version Changes
1.4.0 Changed the alphabetic notation for numbers starting with 1E+54

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