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{{Mineral list planet
{{fordite planet}}
|color = #c8ccd1
{{Mineral row planet
|name = Fordite
|effect = +50% BPS
|effect color = green
|dropchance = 50%
== New Features ==
== New Features ==

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"We know that it has massive deserts on the surface and large rocky core, and because of the tremendous pressure could possibly contain trillions of large diamonds."

Planet number 6
Population 3.93E+21
Gene Strands Gene strand.png3 582
Nanobot Resistance none
Shield Level 0

Lableilara is the sixth planet in the game.


Image Name Effect Base Drop Chance
Fordite.png Fordite

+50% BPS


New Features

Destroying Lableilara for the first time unlocks:

Gene Strand Upgrades



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Next Planet

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