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Icraulara is the 34<sup>th</sup> [[Planets|planet]] in the game.
Icraulara is the 34<sup>th</sup> [[Planets|planet]] in the game.
All planets after Icraulara are randomly generated on the basis of the previous planets.

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"Icraulara is somewhat famous in the Galaxy. It is said that this planet was created 2000 years ago by a renowned artist. He used a device that collects floating cosmic particles and synthesizes new minerals in a set pattern."

Planet number 34
Population 5.01E+135
Gene Strands Gene strand.png9.33E+14
Nanobot Resistance advanced
Shield Level 15

Icraulara is the 34th planet in the game.


Image Name Effect Base Drop Chance
Calcite.png Calcite

+100% BPC



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