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|planet = Icraulara
|planet = Icraulara
|number = 34
|number = 34
|pop = 1.03E+138
|pop = 5.01E+135
|gs = 1.59E+15
|gs = 9.33E+14
|nanobot res = advanced
|nanobot res = advanced
|shield lv = 15
|shield lv = 15

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"Icraulara is somewhat famous in the Galaxy. It is said that this planet was created 2000 years ago by a renowned artist. He used a device that collects floating cosmic particles and synthesizes new minerals in a set pattern."

Planet number 34
Population 5.01E+135
Gene Strands Gene strand.png9.33E+14
Nanobot Resistance advanced
Shield Level 15

Icraulara is the 34th planet in the game.

All planets after Icraulara are randomly generated on the basis of the previous planets.


Image Name Effect Base Drop Chance
Calcite.png Calcite

+100% BPC



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