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Destroying Hustrueniri unlocks:
Destroying Hustrueniri unlocks:
* New [[Upgrades#Gene Strand Upgrades|Gene Strand Upgrades]]
* New [[Upgrades#Gene Strand Upgrades|Gene Strand Upgrades]]
* [[Colonies#Colonized_Planets|Colonized Planets]]
* Purchasing [[Colonies#Colonized_Planets|Colonized Planets]]

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"Weather is characterized by extremely dynamic storm systems on this planet. There isn't much more we know about this dusty place."

Planet number 8
Population 1.24E+37
Gene Strands Gene strand.png128 570
Nanobot Resistance none
Shield Level 0

Hustrueniri is the 8th planet in the game.


Image Name Effect Base Drop Chance
Hemimorphite.png Hemimorphite

+100% BPS


New Features

Destroying Hustrueniri unlocks:



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