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Searching Incomplete Words

To search incomplete words on the wiki, add * at the end of your query.

The wiki search does not return any results unless there is a 100% match (letter capitalization is ignored).

For example, searching reso won't return any results besides this page, but reso* will return a list with pages mentioning both resource and resources.

It should be noted that searching for resource won't return results including resources.

Searching Exact Phrases

To look up exact phrases on the wiki, write your query in double quotes, i.e. "example query"

When looking up a phrase that consists of several words, the search engine will return results where each individual word can be scattered throughout the page text.

For example, searching for reduced research will also show the page about Reduced Bacteria Needed, because the phrase Planetary Research is mentioned in that page. To search only for pages where the words reduced research appear together in the text, write your query in double quotation marks, i.e. "reduced research".

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